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 April 15, 2009
International Medical Travel Association Develops Core Guidelines

 The International Medical Travel Association (IMTA), a leading not-for-profit industry association for medical travel and healthcare globalization, has unveiled its plan to develop guidelines around four core issues: liability, quality, standardized reporting metrics, and continuity of care. IMTA current and prospective members will meet at the Healthcare Travel Congress in Singapore, June 28-30, 2009 an opportunity to further expand IMTA membership and take meaningful steps in the development of best practices that bring credibility to this growing industry.

"The IMTA is the only global association that brings together hospitals, providers and other medical travel stakeholders in a collective movement to develop and promote policies, best practices and best products around these issues," says Ruben Toral, president of IMTA and CEO of Mednet Asia Ltd. "We expect to build membership by focusing on providers - the foundation of the medical travel industry - whose support is critical to the IMTA's credibility and financial health. Now more than ever, this nascent industry needs a unified voice that exemplifies integrity and works toward industry guidelines."

With the expanded involvement of providers worldwide that are committed to building an economically sustainable, quality-oriented medical travel industry, the IMTA expects to play an even greater role in promoting patient safety and protecting individual well-being.

"The IMTA is raising the bar on the development of globally recognized, quality standards, creating guidelines that advance industry self-regulation," adds Toral. "As this organization achieves financial health and stability, we can accelerate the process and move the industry forward."