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Travel Management

 July 08, 2009
HRG Presents Corporate Travel & Expense Management Forum (CTEMF) 2009

 Hogg Robinson Group (HRG) will be the platinum sponsor of CTEMF 2009 in Beijing, 14-15 July, where it will spearhead discussions on challenges to the business travel industry and strategies to maximise T&E cost savings and improve corporate bottom line in light of the economic downturn.

The forum will feature a panel of eminent speakers from top corporations including HRG China, Haier, Philips, Cathay Pacific, General Electric Company Water & Process Technologies Group, Invensys, Caterpillar and IKEA. Recognising that business travel is a major expense reduction channel during a financial crisis, HRG is keen to take an active role in examining macro economy trends, its implications on corporate travel strategies and achieving effective T&E cost management.

HRG's CEO, David Radcliffe, will helm a session analysing the new global and regional economic environment, and provide direction on corporate travel strategy in order to help companies formulate more proactive measures to equip them for the economic downturn.

"This forum will benefit companies seeking to learn how major stakeholders in the business travel industry are adjusting their policies for the current fiscal year and coping with the financial crisis," said Radcliffe, an industry veteran of 30 years recognised as a pioneer and innovator in the business travel industry, and a dynamic catalyst behind HRG's growth.

"The present economic climate presents opportunities for the business travel industry to assess its vulnerabilities in order to minimise the impact of the downturn, and propose solutions to create better practices to achieve the ideal bottom line."

Key speakers at the forum will include:

James Stevenson, Executive Vice President of HRG Asia Pacific, will cover a case study conducting total cost management and showcase best practices in corporate travel and expenses management.

Harald Weber-Liel, General Manager of HRG China, will moderate a session on exploring alternative travel practices to lower cost whilst complying with business objectives.

Dinesh Chauhan, Regional Supply Director of Travel of Philips Asia Pacific, will provide expert opinion on enhancing the travel supply chain in response to new market dynamics.

Yves Galimidi, Global Travel Service Manager of IKEA, will analyze the impact of the current global economic climate on China's business travel market and identify saving opportunities through consolidating sourcing strategies and channels.

Organised by Marcus Evans, the two-day event is slated to attract between 40-60 individuals heading corporate travel-related departments, in addition to tourism and hospitality professionals.