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Travel Management

 July 21, 2009
International SOS and Control Risks Launch TravelTracker in Asia

 Through a joint venture providing travel security services for international travellers and expatriates, International SOS and Control Risks have announced the launch of TravelTracker in Asia. TravelTracker is an online service that offers automated pre-travel advice, real-time tracking of travel bookings, reports on who in an organisation is travelling where, and the communication tools to contact travellers in the event of an emergency.

TravelTracker, which was first rolled out to International SOS and Control Risks' Europe and US clients last month, provides travellers with the information they need to help keep them safe while acting more effectively should a crisis occur. TravelTracker is an important element of an organisation's travel risk management programme, which helps it fulfil its duty of care towards its employees.

The challenges of operating in a globalised marketplace mean that business travellers have to be willing to travel to far flung corners of the world. They need to have the confidence that their employers consider their safety as paramount and have assistance services in place for all eventualities. There is also growing awareness among employers that they have a duty of care towards employees to protect them when they travel on business, especially to areas of known risk.

TravelTracker redefines travel risk management by combining unparalleled technologies, resources and global operational presence of both International SOS and Control Risks, with the following benefits:

* allows the tracking of travellers and assesses the risks to them and the organisation;

* 24/7 accessibility allowing online visibility on all travelling employees;

* provides travellers with advice on their destinations, the organisation's own travel policy and country-specific information via email or SMS;

* is not affiliated with any travel agency so travel can be tracked anywhere in the world, regardless of which booking systems are in place;

* complies with very high international data privacy standards.

The demand for travel security services has seen a sustained increase over recent years and both International SOS and Control Risks have been at the forefront of addressing the requirements of clients worldwide.

Besides the TravelTracker, clients have access to an enhanced portfolio of services from the joint venture, including:

* Travel Security Analysis - Timely reporting and analysis of security threats to travellers and expatriates.
* 24-hour Security Assistance Services - Expert advice, support and evacuation services utilising the combined operational resources of International SOS and Control Risks.
* International Assignment Security Consulting - Delivery of customised travel risk advice to support international travellers and expatriates.

Mr. Nick Allan, Regional Director of Asia Pacific, Control Risks said, "In today's world, travellers and expatriates can often be exposed to security risks stemming from political instability, civil unrest or terrorism and also to health risks. It is essential that employees who are travelling abroad are given pre-travel advice, that they know who to call, and that they know where to get support if they are caught in an unexpected situation.

The suite of travel risk management services jointly delivered by International SOS and Control Risks provides travellers and expatriates with ongoing situation updates, online advice and real-time tracking tools giving an unparalleled level of global assistance. These services enhance their level of preparedness and gives them the confidence to work securely in an unfamiliar environment," Allan added.

Mr. Tim Daniel, Group Executive Vice President, International SOS added: "For organisations, increased legal and reputational exposures are gradually shaping their corporate travel policies.

Companies need to have visibility of and responsibility for their employees' safety when abroad. The need to invest in a set of tools which can communicate timely information and provide immediate assistance is now more urgent than before."