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Travel Management

 August 13, 2009
AirPlus Whitepaper on Successful Travel Management in Asia-Pacific

 AirPlus International released a whitepaper at the ACTE Asia-Pacific Education Conference in Singapore. Titled: Successful Travel Management in Asia-Pacific -- Challenges and Solutions in a Fast Changing Region, the whitepaper explores the unique realities of managing travel in Asia-Pacific and provides suggestions to global travel managers for improved performance in the region. A complimentary copy of the whitepaper is available for download online.

A survey of ACTE-affiliated corporate travel managers supported the study. Of those surveyed, 42 percent consider Asia-Pacific to be on the same evolutionary path as Europe and North America, but at an earlier stage. Another 72 percent think travel managers from outside Asia-Pacific lack a good understanding of the region. This is best outlined by the challenges highlighted within the paper which include cultural diversity, multiple languages and alphabets, domestic (not global) distribution systems, insufficient adaptation of management tools, greater regulation and the lower status of travel managers.

A few of the whitepaper's suggestions for working more effectively in the region include: improving cultural understanding, meeting the high quality service ethic in the region, visiting the region and recruiting local expertise. Further, 19 percent said travel management has a different meaning in Asia-Pacific but will change to resemble the European/North American model more closely in the future.