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Travel Management

 June 01, 2010
Amadeus & NBTA Host Program For Travel Managers

 Amadeus will host a complimentary professional corporate management training programme in Asia Pacific in partnership with the National Business Travel Association (NBTA), to boost the career of corporate travel managers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

The programme, from NBTA - a global network connecting more than 15,000 corporate travel professionals worldwide - will enable participants to obtain a Corporate Travel Expert accreditation (CTE).

Lisa Akeroyd, Regional Director for Corporate Solutions at Amadeus Asia Pacific, said, "Amadeus wants to support the development of the travel industry in Asia, and ensure that travel management professionals in Asia Pacific are provided with opportunities to grow their careers. We are therefore very pleased to sponsor this complimentary training programme for travel managers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

"The role of the travel manager has really moved into the spotlight in many corporations in the past year, with increased attention on travel spending. It is important for travel managers to stay up to date with the latest tools and systems through ongoing professional education provided by organisations such as NBTA," she said.

Craig Banikowski, CCTE, C.P.M., CMM, NBTA President & CEO added, "Working with Amadeus has given us great support to impart valuable skills and knowledge to train travel managers in Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines to attain the Corporate Travel Expert (CTE) accreditation. The programme gives travel management professionals the opportunity to complete the industry's exclusive Fundamentals of Business Travel Management course, which will help them add value to their organisations."

Travel managers in Hong Kong and Singapore will have the opportunity to attend a one day workshop on 31 May in Hong Kong, 2 June in Singapore and 4 June in Manila. The workshop, conducted by Amadeus and NBTA, will cover management skill trainings as well provide insights on the latest travel trends in the industry.

"Given the recent travel disruptions in Europe, this training is very timely, helping travel managers to prepare for such situations, as well as update their skills and enhance their expert knowledge," added Mr. Banikowski.