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Travel Management

 June 25, 2010
International SOS & China National Tourism Announce Agreement

 International SOS and the China National Tourism Administration signed an agreement to jointly develop national standards for the PRC's travel assistance and emergency services. These standards will have wide influence on travel agencies, assistance companies, and tourism reception bodies operating in the PRC and will serve as an integral part of the State Council's recommendations to speed up the development of tourism.

The signing ceremony in Beijing was attended by Dr Pascal Rey-Herme, International SOS Group Medical Director and Co-founder, International SOS China's executive management team, and China National Tourism Administration officials.

As the world's leading international healthcare, medical assistance, and security services company, International SOS was specifically chosen to help draft the standards for China's domestic market. To architect the standards, International SOS designated a specialised team of experts with on-the-ground experience conducting emergency operations and logistics, health care, and travel security assistance in the PRC.

After the draft of the standards is completed, it will be submitted to the National Standardization Committee for approval and implementation.