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 September 02, 2010
TransViet Travel & WorldLink Travel in Tanzania Join GlobalStar

 GlobalStar Travel Management announced the addition of two new partners to its network: TransViet Travel in Vietnam and Worldlink Travel & Tours in Tanzania.

TransViet Travel is one of the leading business travel agencies in Vietnam employs over 300 employees and realizes an annual turnover of over USD 42 Million annually. TransViet Travel was established in the year 1998 and currently has offices in Ho Chi Minh city and in Hanoi and is connected to the Amadeus GDS. TransViet Travel is known for its high quality of personal service in the Vietnamese market and joined GlobalStar officially on the 1st of August.

WorldLink Travel and Tours with offices in the principal economic city Dar Es Salaam and Mwanza in Tanzania joins GlobalStar per the 1st of September. The company, connected to both Galileo and Amadeus, employs over 50 staff and realizes an annual turnover of over USD 15 Million annually. Worldlink Travel and Tours was established in the year 1993 and has been rewarded with many industry awards and recognitions.

GlobalStar's Director of Partner Recruitment Mark van Iersel stated; "In both countries we have seen an increase of demand for a local TMC, in Vietnam mainly due to the fast growing market for Fashion companies in which GlobalStar services many prestigious organizations. In Tanzania the increase arising from a boost of requests within the mining industry". We feel that with the addition of both TransViet and Worldlink we can now meet these client demands by adding the best national choice in both Vietnam and Tanzania".