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Travel Management

 December 08, 2010
ITP To Offer New Technology To TMC Partners Worldwide

 ITP - International Travel Partnership (ITP), a global network of independent travel management companies has signed an agreement with truvle Ltd, a travel technology company. Now ITP partners can provide branded, web-empowered email itineraries that make planning and monitoring easier for their portfolios of business travel clients.

ITP's new itinerary/trip planner features a bright contemporary look that's customised with each partner's colours, logo and promotions. Designed to convey the excitement of travel, the e-docs contain links to useful trip information tailored to each destination. Clicking through links, travellers get local information on restaurants, shopping, entertainment, tours, events, attractions, weather, currency exchange rates, maps, directions and more. There's no need to search multiple websites. Everything needed to plan a, productive trip is readily available through the truvle-powered e-itinerary.

"We're delighted to provide travel professionals with this dynamic, new service," says Virginia Palla, General Manager, ITP. "The truvle technology enables our partners to compete successfully in the booming online travel business. It consolidates everything, putting the full gamut of essential destination and related information at travellers' fingertips instantly."

The truvle software also helps companies monitor travel compliance, according to Alon Zaibert, truvle's CEO. "This breakthrough application lets travellers do everything -- book hotels and rental cars, make dinner reservations, purchase tickets to a show and more -- directly from their email itineraries," Zaibert explains. "That makes it easy to track where money is spent."

ITP's consortium spans 35 countries in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the Middle East. ITP launched its innovative itinerary/trip planner this month with Sun Spree Travel Partners, a leading travel management company and ITP Partner in Bulgaria. In the coming year, ITP is committed to assisting its partners worldwide in adopting the truvle technology to manage their corporate accounts. Among the targets are partners in several countries, including companies in Russia, Holland, Switzerland and Australia.

Web-Empowered Email Itinerary

The new truvle-powered itinerary/trip planner has two key parts: the interactive email itinerary and a website called the Personal Trip Planner (PTP). Ideal for consortia like ITP, the email itinerary serves as a branding platform, featuring the travel company's logo, colours, contact information, interactive promotions and personalised messages from the agent.

Accompanying each email itinerary is the PTP, linking travellers to their own websites with information on things to see and do in the destination. The information is tailored to each traveller according to trip dates, gender, flight class and city of origin. Using services such as Ticketmaster and Open Table for each country, the PTP contains the full panoply of information on area hotels, tours, restaurants, shopping, events, attractions, car rental companies, nightlife, recreation, golf courses and more.

Travellers can make reservations and purchases directly through their PTP, saving themselves time and enabling travel managers to create a comprehensive experience for every client. Additionally, the PTP provides maps, directions, currency exchange rates, sports scores, weather forecasts and more. Travellers on the go can receive Short Message Service (SMS) alerts from airlines and check in for flights directly from this handy, interactive itinerary/travel planner.