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Travel Management

 January 21, 2011
Amadeus Releases Version 14.0 of its Flagship e-Travel Management Solution

 Amadeus has released version 14.0 of its flagship e-Travel Management solution, the self-booking tool for corporations. The new version, which is available globally, includes a range of enhanced features including the new Travel Arranger Workspace. All of the features used by the travel arranger such as booking and modifying trips, trip reviews, profile management, are now grouped into a single much more intuitive work area. Coupled with enhanced search facilities, this speeds up the booking process as there's no need to switch between several screens. The following new features are now available within the work space:

Shopping basket: A trip can be built up by adding passenger elements quickly and easily. Automated alerts signal any anomalies in passenger profiles for faster reactivity.

Calendar displays: In addition to the enhanced trip review list, the new calendar display gives better visibility. Status highlights and summary pop-ups make searching for PNRs even more efficient.

Frequent trip templates: Air segments can be booked even faster using templates containing elements of frequently made trips.

Michael Casati, Vice President Logistics at Swiss Re, and Oliver Kühne, Senior Consultant at TraXess commented: "Swiss Re and TraXess' collaborative and flexible relationship with Amadeus has enabled the successful development of the new Travel Arranger Workspace solution which will save a lot of time for the travel arrangers at Swiss Re, usually the PAs. We anticipate that the dedicated travel arranger space, user friendly calendar display, and selection basket built just for them, will be of great benefit and will allow them to easily and intuitively book frequent trips in one click. All these aspects will improve the user experience and efficiency for travel arrangers at Swiss Re and beyond."

The updated version also unveils enhancements to Single View, the solution which shows fare-driven availability composed of several prices for each air segment. Configurable options enable you to set rules giving travellers the choice between one-way combinable and round-trip fares. They can instantly see the lowest fare and reduce the overall corporate travel budget. In light of Amadeus being one of the few companies offering business travel solutions that support a multi-GDS approach, Single View is now extended to Galileo users.

Amongst the various other new features available for 14.0, the business traveller can now use iPhone to access and approve trips, in addition to BlackBerry and Windows-enabled devices.

Albert Pozo, VP Multinational Business & Corporate, Amadeus comments: "The new version maintains Amadeus' vision of supporting corporations anywhere in the world, while locally customising solutions according to customer needs in specific markets. For example, ticketless travel is now available on our system on the Thalys high-speed rail connection between Paris and Brussels. Amadeus' online booking tool -- currently used by over 4,500 corporations worldwide - provides travel arrangers with unparalleled choice, content and control over their trips while complying with their company's travel policies."