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 May 10, 2011
Business Travellers Favour Locks With Pin Codes To Secure Luggage According To Corporate Traveller Poll

 Business travellers prefer the efficiency of a pin-code lock to secure their luggage and its contents rather than a key lock or a zip tie, according to a new online poll. The online poll conducted by Australian business travel specialist Corporate Traveller received 396 responses. Business travellers were asked what style of lock they used on their check-in luggage when travelling.

Respondents were given six options to choose from including:

- a traditional key lock
- a pin code lock
- full luggage plastic wrap
- plastic zip tie
- a combination of the above
- none of the above or no lock

The results showed the majority of respondents that participated in the poll, used locks with pin codes to secure their luggage when travelling. Only a small number of business travellers liked the idea of a full plastic wrap.

Results from the poll included:

- 139 or 35% of respondents preferred to use a pin code lock
- 106 or 27% of respondents use a key lock
- 85 or 21% of respondents use no form of lock at all
- 39 or 10% of respondents use a combination of luggage locks
- 18 or 5% of respondents use a zip tie, and
- 9 or 2% of respondents preferred a full plastic wrap.

Corporate Traveller marketing manager Chris Preston said the fact that a majority of business travellers preferred a pin code lock to secure their luggage suggested travellers were more inclined to use something that was quick and easy to lock and unlock.

"You don't need a key, a pair of scissors or a Stanley knife as you would with a key lock or zip tie. With a pin code lock you can get in and out of your luggage without using any of those extra items, which makes this style of luggage security for time conscious travellers more appealing," he said.

"It's also no surprise that only a few people opted for the full plastic wrap. While ultra safe, most business travellers would consider a full plastic wrap far too time consuming to have to deal with at both ends of a journey."

Mr Preston said that with almost 80% of travellers using some form of lock or locks to secure their luggage, bag security remained an important issue for travellers.

"There would be few things worse for a traveller than to arrive at a destination and find that your belongings had been tampered with or found that items were missing, which is why travellers remain very conscious of keeping their luggage secure," he said.

"In saying that however, the varying degrees of responses to this poll indicate different traveller attitudes towards security. While more leisure or long-haul travellers may prefer a full plastic wrap or a combination of a few locking options, seasoned business travellers flying one or two domestic legs will often choose a no-fuss lock or in some cases go without."

*The poll was conducted between Feb and April 2011