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 July 20, 2011
Corporate Traveller: Resource Firms Use Employee Friendly Travel Policies To Lure Top Staff

 Companies in the resource sector are promoting 'employee friendly' travel in a bid to attract and retain the best staff for their organisations, according to Australian business travel specialist Corporate Traveller.

Chris Preston, Corporate Traveller's national marketing manager said stiff competition amongst companies looking to recruit new staff and low unemployment rates in the resource sector had forced many firms to re-evaluate their staff travel policies and travel management to ensure what they were offering, appealed to new employees.

He said mining companies keen to be seen as an employer of choice were also focused on making sure employee travel was being managed as seamlessly as possible.

"Some of the strategies we're seeing companies use to highlight their competitive advantage to potential employees is to promote if they have well managed travel programs and employee friendly travel policies," he said.

"Having effectively managed travel and the right kind of travel policy are now essential tools for gaining the best and most experienced staff for companies working in the booming resources sector.

"While cost reduction is always going to be the number one issue for companies, travel policies and what they allow and don't allow travellers as well as traveller safety and security have all become very hot topics for drilling, mining and energy companies.

"Mining clients seeking high-performing professionals including engineers, geologists, crew on rigs or senior management executives, really have to offer staff a good deal to attract the best people and with many positions now being offered on a fly-in fly-out basis, travel has become an important aspect of a work contract."

Chris said that as part of the shift in corporate travel policies, companies were not as demanding on their travellers as they had been in the past.

"What we're seeing is that companies don't seem to mind if their employees travel in work time rather than in their own time," he said. "We're also noticing in some situations higher levels of comfort for employee air travel and accommodation and remuneration packages that include leisure travel are also being offered as an incentive for top-level staff."

"The business travel market is rapidly changing in this sector. Employers are looking to be far more competitive to attract a quality workforce.

"Conversations between clients and our people are focused on what we can do to help them provide seamless travel, added traveller safety and comfort. They don't mind so much if travel has to occur in work hours because they know travellers will arrive rested and ready to focus on core tasks, making them more productive in the workplace and beneficial to the business."

Chris said travel policies for some companies had become less about how to knock $10 off the price of an air ticket and more about how to use travel and effective travel management to become an employer of choice.