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 November 07, 2011
Flight Centre Survey: 'Responsive' Service Most Important To Business Travellers

 When it comes to managing business travel, Australian corporates want service that is responsive, provides options and easily accessible, a Flight Centre Limited (FLT) customer survey has revealed.

The results of FLT's corporate customer experience survey for 2011, shows that companies rate 'responsiveness' as the most important service attribute from their business travel managers.

The national survey received 3,645 responses from customers across FLT's corporate travel businesses including FCm Travel Solutions, Corporate Traveller and Stage and Screen Travel Services.

Clients were asked what they thought the most important service attributes were out of nine different options including problem solving, providing options, accessibility, responsiveness, proactive communication, cost effective solutions, range of products and 24/7 assistance service and other. The respondents, which included key decision makers, executive assistants and travel bookers, could nominate up to three service attributes that were most important to them or their travellers.

Results indicated that 67 per cent of respondents thought responsiveness was one of the most important attributes, 62 per cent of respondents thought providing options was a key service attribute, while 35 per cent of respondents thought accessibility was a crucial service aspect.

FCm Travel Solutions' global leader Gregory Lording said all three service values showed that customers that were directly dealing with corporate travel management companies preferred personal service that was receptive to their needs.

"It's no surprise that companies want responsive service as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to corporate travel management. Travel managers need to have a positive attitude and proactive approach to client servicing and solving travel challenges. The dynamic nature of the travel industry means travel managers need to think on their feet, and react quickly and intuitively to ensure their client's needs are met," Gregory said.

"The fact that over a third of respondents thought 'accessibility' was important indicates that clients value local service from people they can reach easily either by phone, email or see face to face. I think it also shows that customers appreciate travel management companies that offer extended trading hours as it means the travel managers that know their business the best are more accessible."

Gregory said the three top attributes also highlighted what the service advantages were for clients booking travel with a travel management company rather than ad-hoc over the internet.