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Travel Management

 December 15, 2011
CWT To Go Available Today On Popular Mobile Devices

 Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) has announced that its mobile app, CWT To Go, is available on popular Smartphone platforms worldwide. CWT To Go allows busy travelers to access a wide range of services, including itinerary, changes in travel schedule and location-based information. Developed with CWT's e-Commerce partner, Rearden Commerce, CWT To Go is available exclusively to travelers who book through CWT.

Providing Travelers With Practical On-The-Spot Support

CWT To Go gives travelers fingertip access to their travel details and essential information. If a flight is cancelled, delayed, or has a gate change, travelers automatically receive alerts on their mobile devices keeping them informed and allowing them to adjust their plans accordingly. Travelers can also access other relevant information related to their trip, including mobile check-in, destination weather and local dining information.

Helping Travel Managers Drive Compliance

CWT To Go is one of CWT's core mobile offerings -- it allows travel managers to drive compliance and helps travelers increase efficiency. CWT To Go securely imports all CWT booked itineraries, thus reducing any possible risks associated with third-party apps that travelers use today. Travel information is accessible regardless of how travel is booked -- through online or offline booking channels or via any Global Distribution System (GDS). Travelers will be able to contact a CWT counselor directly to re-schedule a trip or book further travel with a future click-to-call option, thereby helping them to adhere to their company's travel policy.

Where to find CWT To Go

CWT To Go is available today on popular mobile devices. Travelers simply download the app from the Android Market, BlackBerry App World, or Apple App Store and register for immediate use.

Pauline Quéré, VP CWT Customer Product Marketing: "At CWT, we're very excited about our global mobile offering. Moving forward, mobile will be an integral part of tomorrow's travel program. We introduced CWT Market a few months ago, today we're launching CWT To Go, and over the next few months we will continue introducing new features to strengthen our range of mobile applications."

"Whether corporations embrace it or not, we have seen that mobile technology is becoming a critical component of a business traveler's everyday life. The potential to be gained by integrating mobile devices to a managed travel program is vast -- not just in terms of additional services to the traveler but also in ensuring the traveler's safety and security. With CWT To Go, we are providing our clients with a secure and free offer, which will help their travelers be more effective on the go, whilst at the same time ensuring that they remain within their companies' travel program."

"CWT To Go makes the hectic life of the business traveler just a bit easier. Improving the traveler's efficiency, with features such as real-time flight updates and mobile-check-in, is important to our clients, and is therefore a priority for us."

"We have many multi-national clients who use a range of different online booking tools and GDSs. These clients require a unique solution to address their mobile needs, regardless of the way their reservations are made. CWT To Go is the first global mobile solution to meet that requirement."