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 February 13, 2012
Concur Japan Announces New Employee Spend Management Solution

 Concur Japan has announced the launch of its employee spend management solution, Concur Expense, developed specifically to meet the demands of the increasing number of corporations in Japan that are turning to cloud computing and mobile solutions to help them control expenses.

Concur Expense is a cloud-based web and mobile solution that streamlines and automates the expense reporting process. Employees can save significant time by easily creating accurate, in-policy expense reports. Managers can review, approve and process expense reports -- providing them with control and visibility into T&E spend. Along with two unique features for the Japanese market, IC card data integration and public transportation information integration, Concur Expense significantly enhances the process of expense preparation. The new edition also corresponds to all Japanese regulations and taxation practices. The localized service also provides consultation for installation and operational support in Japan.

Concur Expense Japanese Features

integration with IC cards (Suica, PASMO, etc.)

By using Concur Expense with a FeliCa-compatible commercial IC card reader, transportation data -- including dates, times, stations and fare information -- are automatically uploaded to Concur's expense reporting solution from IC Cards including Suica, PASMO and ICOCA. Users do not need to type in this data manually, helping to minimize the tedious job of reporting multiple journeys. Additionally, the solution helps to prevent duplication or modification of expense claims, thereby promoting more accurate and transparent expense processing.

Integration of Jorudan's "Route Search"

Jorudan Co., Ltd.'s "Route Search" is integrated seamlessly for quick access. By selecting the boarding and destination stations and route, the user can automatically find and record fare information. The feature eliminates the need to switch back and forth between separate applications for finding train routes and recording expenses to create expense reports. It also transfers the evaluation of the chosen route to Concur and a "Cheapest", "Fastest" or "Easiest" icon shows up on the Concur screen. Additionally, if the user's commuter pass information is registered, Concur Expense automatically calculates fares beyond the pass area.

Consultation and Customer Support Service In Japanese

With the launch of the Japanese service, Concur has expanded its consulting and supporting structure to provide fast, comprehensive service in-country by Japanese personnel.

"Concur is the standard application for employee spend management, used by more than half of the Fortune 500 companies. Many European and U.S. offices of Japanese corporations use the Concur expense solution, as do many foreign companies with offices in Japan," explained Masamune Mimura, CEO and representative director of Concur Japan. "Now that the Japanese edition is officially released and available in Japan, I believe its rapid adoption by Japanese companies will change the employee spend management environment in this country. In response to the rising demand for optimized global operations, including more transparent and efficient employee spend management processes, Concur offices around the world look forward to supporting the global enhancement of Japanese companies."

Concur Japan

Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Concur's easy-to-use Web-based and mobile solutions help companies and their employees control costs and save time. Concur Connect is the platform that enables the entire travel and expense ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and developers to access and extend Concur's T&E cloud. Concur's systems adapt to individual employee preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies from small to large. Concur Japan was established in February 2011 as a joint venture between Concur, as the majority shareholder, SunBridge Corporation, the firm responsible for the Japan joint venture, and Marc Benioff, acting as a minority direct investor.