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 April 25, 2012
New Concur Report Provides In-Depth Look At $50 Billion Worth of T&E Spend

 Concur, a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management services, has released its second global report on corporate travel and entertainment (T&E) spend. Compiled from the detailed analysis of more than 500 million expense line items from its corporate clients, representing more than $50 billion in spend, the data offers travel and expense managers insight into global and regional spending trends, helping organizations of all sizes make more informed decisions.

"Last year, Concur helped more than 15 million users in over 100 countries manage their T&E expenses," said Michael Hilton, EVP of worldwide marketing for Concur. "This significant volume of transactional data gives us a unique opportunity to report on the state of corporate T&E spend, in turn shedding light on ways our customers can drive down costs and better manage their bottom line."

Concur's T&E Spend Report is compiled from a representative sample of Concur's extensive database of corporate travel and expense transactions. The report ranks the ten largest categories of T&E spend and most expensive cities for business travel, including the average cost per transaction, and a comparison of that spend year-over-year. It also offers a detailed look at the regional spending trends in some of the most popular hubs for business travel throughout the world including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States.

Key findings include:

The top three global T&E categories -- airfare, lodging and dining -- comprised more than 60 percent of total spend, compared to 50 percent of total spend in 2010. Entertainment and ground transportation brought that total to more than 70 percent.

Global average airfare -- the category with the largest percentage increase in 2011 -- rose by an average of $21.74 per trip or about 5 percent compared to 2010.

• Dining spend was down globally by an average of 1 percent.

• The most visited international city in 2011 was London, followed by Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing and Toronto.

• The top 10 visited US cities in 2011 were New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando, Houston, Atlanta, San Diego, Charlotte and Dallas, which replaced Boston.


Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and expense management solutions. Concur's easy-to-use Web-based and mobile solutions help companies and their employees control costs and save time. Concur Connect is the platform that enables the entire travel and expense ecosystem of customers, suppliers, and developers to access and extend Concur's T&E cloud. Concur's systems adapt to individual employee preferences and scale to meet the needs of companies from small to large.