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Travel Management

 October 01, 2012
Voyager and Collabro Announce Technology Partnership

 Voyager, a market leader in technology innovation within corporate travel management has announced a working partnership with UK based information management systems provider Collabro. Voyager and Collabro will integrate Collabro's Vantage POB (Personnel-On-Board) management system into iVoyager -- Voyager's exciting new technology development. Voyager and Collabro will work on this and other projects to support Voyager's extensive technology roadmap and rapidly evolving technology solutions for the resource sector.

Based in Melbourne, Voyager's Head of Technology, Yvonne Castle, will lead the development team for the integration of Collabro's Vantage POB (Personnel-On-Board) management system with Voyager's new technology development iVoyager.

'We are very excited to partner with Collabro. Voyager has made a significant commitment towards investment in technology and infrastructure advancements that deliver cost efficiencies to our clients and integrating Collabro's POB system is an exciting step towards the roll out of our new iVoyager technology' said Yvonne.

'Collabro have been keen to forge a relationship with a pragmatic travel company wishing to partner with the worlds leading POB management system and we look forward to a mutually beneficial alliance' said Collabro Australia's Operations Director, Nigel Bull.

Collabro offers Vantage POB under an exclusive worldwide distributor agreement with the owner of the software -- Logica (UK) Limited, now part of the CGI group.

Voyager will announce further details about iVoyager in the coming months.