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 March 26, 2013
AirPlus Fiscal Year 2012: Growth Exceeds That of Business Travel Market

 AirPlus International, a leading global provider of payment and billing solutions for business travel, remains on its strong growth course. In fiscal year 2012, the company earned €11.4 billion in billing sales with its credit cards, which represents a 10 percent increase over the previous year (2011: €10.4 billion). In addition, AirPlus acquired 2,000 new customers and increased its total number of customers to more than 40,000 worldwide.

AirPlus also achieved a substantial increase in its operating result for 2012, which at €38.8 million was more than 27 percent higher than the year before (2011: €30.5 million). Sales revenues remained constant at €288 million due to one-off effects.

Significant Rise In Operating Result Confirms Strategy

"We also expanded our activities consistently in new international growth markets such as Australia," explains AirPlus Managing Director Patrick W. Diemer. "They have a particularly high need for professional payment solutions and analytical tools for corporate business travel management."

With its positive results in fiscal year 2012, AirPlus is asserting its position against the market trend. Whereas companies worldwide only spent 2.9 percent more on business travel in 2012, the business travel volume handled by AirPlus grew by 16 percent. Growth was most pronounced in the first six months of last year.

While Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland remain the largest markets for AirPlus, China and the United States are gaining importance. In these two markets AirPlus is recording its strongest growth. Additionally, emerging markets with above-average growth in business travel are the focus for expanding the company's global presence, foremost among them India, China, Mexico, Turkey and Russia.

In all its activities, AirPlus consistently relies on the "Best local is best global" approach. Together with leading in-market banks, AirPlus offers products that are tailored to local needs. For this purpose, AirPlus entered into a partnership last year with J.P.Morgan Chase & Co., the largest bank holding company in the United States. The partnership specifically targets multinationals that are based in the United States, providing AirPlus' global business travel payments expertise and J.P.Morgan's local banking insight.

AirPlus International

AirPlus International specialises in integrated payment and MIS solutions, helping more than 38,000 corporate customers worldwide optimise their expense management through streamlined processes. AirPlus International offers a complete payment solution for all business expenses, including unique invoicing options and high-quality reporting and analysis. Its standing in the marketplace has been acknowledged through some of the highest accolades in business travel management, including the Buying Business Travel Diamond Awards. At the forefront of its award-winning product portfolio lays a strong commitment to innovation, greater transparency, enhanced data quality and research.