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 April 07, 2014
Voyager Unveils New Industry Solution To Fast Track Client Transaction Reconciliation

 Voyager - part of leading corporate travel and events business, the ATPI Group - has, in conjunction with
American Express launched a new technology solution for client's using American Express' Business Travel Account (BTA) Connect portal which revolutionises the processing times of invoices.

Automatically linking client transactions to Voyager invoices with just one simple click, the new technology development allows for efficient internet based communication between clients, Voyager and AMEX BTA.

The new technology enables customers to take advantage of BTA Connect's new 'e-invoice access' functionality which features a pdf icon alongside every charge line on the client's statement, allowing users to look at individual charges. This assists clients to reconcile their statements more quickly as the need to find electronic or paper invoices is eliminated.

Yvonne Castle, head of technology, Voyager Travel, explains: "With an exceptional amount of specialist technology in-house, Voyager understands the complex requirements of travel managers no matter what industry. We have implemented this new development in partnership with American Express to provide a route for our clients to work more closely with us and in the process benefit from improved statement reconciliation speeds. We are exceptionally proud of this new service and look forward to rolling it out further in the coming months."

David Lorimer, Travel Agency Partnership Manager, American Express, commented: "As Voyager's preferred payment platform provider, we were thrilled they agreed to come on board to assist in the deployment of the new e-invoicing functionality. The initial feedback we've been getting has been extremely positive, with users relieved that they no longer have to go to a separate system or call their finance department for copies of invoices to match transactions. This is a huge step change in how invoice processing has been done in the past and we're confident that many more customers out there will see the benefits and ask to make the switch as well."

Voyager has offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth and has been providing travel services to Australian companies for 40 years. The company was purchased by the ATPI Group in January 2014.