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 July 08, 2014
CWT Research Shows Mobile Booking To Represent 25% of All Online Corporate Bookings By 2017

 Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) today released Tap into mobile: managed travel in the digital economy, an investigation into the impact of mobile in the managed travel space.

The free-to-download study suggests that mobile bookings are set to climb steeply over the next decade and will influence not only the entire traveler experience but will shift how travel managers control their travel programs, using the latest mobile technology to help support and connect to their travelers. Both travelers and travel managers expect mobile booking to increase significantly, reaching 25 percent of online transactions by 2017.

In addition, CWT's research predicts that mobile bookings will more than double in the next two years.

CWT research also shows that it took up to eight years for online booking tools to reach the same level of activity that mobile is expected to achieve in the next three years. The study highlights the high expectations that both travelers and travel managers have for mobile travel services and their awareness of the advantages and benefits it will bring.

Supporting the idea that traveler experience is key, the study highlights that neither travelers nor travel managers expect mobile to significantly drive down travel costs; instead ease of doing business, productivity and traveler wellbeing all rank higher as key benefits of mobile. As a result, managed travel apps are becoming more sophisticated, and companies who act now will reap the most benefit, as they steer travelers towards the apps that support the travel program.

The study also highlighted that an estimated average of 62 percent of travelers already carry company smartphones and 56 percent of companies surveyed already, or plan to, have a 'Bring your own device' policy. Globally, travel managers also consider the potential impact of mobile on the travel program to be high, rating it 6.8 overall on a scale of 1 to 10.

David Moran, CWT executive vice president, Global Marketing & Enterprise Strategy, said, "We have been planning for this shift for some time and are getting ready to launch new mobile services, such as mobile booking through CWT To Go later this year. While 80 percent of travelers and travel managers told us they want a one-stop-shop app so they don't have to juggle between best-of-breed consumer apps, there isn't an app on the market today that answers all their needs, and that's what we're excited about -- building on CWT To Go to create the corporate travel app that appeals to both travel managers and travelers."

Looking to North America, CWT's research shows:

• Travel alerts are very important to travelers, who rank them third most important after flight status updates and itinerary information.

• Travelers in North America consider mobile booking on-the-go less important than their counterparts in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, with 55 percent considering it important or critical, versus 62 percent in Asia-Pacific and Latin America.

• While North American travel managers and travelers consider ease of doing business, productivity and well-being (in that order) the most important aspects of mobile features, European travel managers emphasize well-being, followed by productivity and compliance with travel policy.

CWT To Go, CWT's award-winning app, currently counts itinerary management, flight status updates and mobile check-in among its features, with hotel booking through mobile to be added this year.

CWT combined several research techniques for this report, including:

• An online survey of 1,804 travelers from seven global companies on mobile policy, their expectations, use of mobile services for travel, and satisfaction A detailed questionnaire of 173 travel managers worldwide on their company's use of mobile devices and apps, policy and expectations

• Focus groups on traveler perceptions and preferences in three countries (Germany,
• United Kingdom and United States)
• In-depth interviews

Input from more than 50 experts, including travel managers, representatives of business travel associations, business travel journalists, travel management companies, travel suppliers, mobile operators and solutions providers, travel supply chain consultants and GDS companies

• Quantitative analyses
• A mobile market forecast
• An analysis of the average time travelers book hotels in advance of their trips via mobile compared to other corporate channels
• Industry white papers and media articles

CWT To Go is one of the most feature rich travel management company (TMC) apps in the market, and is currently the most downloaded and positively reviewed (according to Google Play statistics and comments on the Google Play and Apple app stores), with 355,000 downloads on all app stores (May 2014) and an average user rating of 4.4 out of 5 on Google Play Store (based on 4,268 reviews) and 4.0 out of 5 (based on 859 reviews on Apple App Store).

CWT Travel Management Institute

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