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Travel Management

 August 05, 2014
New Hassle Free Visa Management Solution For Asia Pacific Unveiled By Amadeus

 Amadeus today unveiled a new solution suite that, for the first time, gives Amadeus travel agents in Asia Pacific a tool to easily manage visa and passport requirements for travellers.

Dubbed Amadeus Visa Pass, the suite comprises of three complementary solutions that allow travel agents to fulfil travellers' visa and passport needs across the entire booking process, no matter where they are travelling.

• Pre-booking: For repeat customers, travel agents are promptly alerted of travellers' visa and passport expiry dates via email and queue messages.

• Booking: Once a booking has been made, Amadeus Visa Pass will automatically check visa requirements according to traveller's nationality and intended destination. The requirements will then be added into the Passenger Name Record (PNR) for easy tracking and reference by the travel agent.

• Post-booking: Amadeus Visa Pass can help travel agents easily create, track and update visa request applications through the visa tracking portal, and send progress notifications directly to the traveller.

"The travel potential in Asia Pacific is unmatched anywhere else in the world; however visa processing is often complicated. Our goal is to simplify the visa management process as much as possible for both the travel agency and the traveller. Amadeus Visa Pass completely changes the way travel agents can handle the visa process on behalf of their customers, which will undoubtedly remove some of the hassle commonly associated with visas in Asia Pacific," commented Leon Herce, VP, Distribution Commercial, Amadeus Asia Pacific.

Amadeus Visa Pass significantly reduces the manual processing needed by a travel agency, therefore reducing the chance for errors. Information is easily synchronised with a traveller's PNR so the travel agent is kept informed throughout the entire process.

Amadeus Visa Pass is available now to travel agents in Asia Pacific.