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Travel Management

 November 05, 2014
Corporate Travel Management Drives Savings From The Ground Up

 Corporate Travel Management (CTM) is compelling businesses to review their ground transportation policies to ensure that they benefit from the same level of supplier competition on the ground as they do in the air.

Ground transport typically makes up 10% of a company's travel expenditure and presents an exceptional opportunity to drive greater value from their corporate travel program. Yet many businesses fail to recognise and act upon the savings potential.

CTM's SMART Technology suite, though still in its infancy, already boasts a number of non-traditional, patented travel tools proving highly valuable to CTM's clients, including a proprietary taxi application called SMART Taxi. The application can save businesses up to 75% on their taxi expenditure through enhanced itinerary management and timely and effective traveller communications.

CTM's latest 'Insights' report showcases the potential savings that can be made across ground transport, and highlights a recent CTM case study in which a client reduced their car rental expenditure by 7% (equal to $25k per year) as a result of CTM's unique approach to supplier negotiations.

To view the full report, click here

CTM Client Value Manager, Lorell Nelson said that many businesses are missing out on valuable savings because they aren't asking for a better deal. "Typically, companies assume the supplier's standard 'business rate' offering is the best available deal. It's not."

"Our job is to be experts on our clients' business travel needs and proactive in identifying and implementing cost saving opportunities across all aspects of business travel. If you use a travel management company who has excellent supplier relations and isn't afraid to ask the questions, you'll find that a bit of competition goes a long way in delivering valuable cost savings."