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 May 27, 2010
Tourism Fiji Launches New Video-based Website

 In an effort to increase awareness, number of visitors and the length of a visitors stay in Fiji, Tourism Fiji and Marchese Communications Inc. in Los Angeles, Fiji's advertising agency of record, has recently launched Tourism Fiji's new video-based website:

The site features five channels of themed TV shows, each running three and one half minutes in-length, plus a 30 second "pre-roll commercial" promoting a wholesaler offer for the participating resort in each channel episode.

The channels include: Romance & Honeymoon; Luxury, Golf & Spa; Adventure & Dive; Family---Ultimate Fiji; and, Culture & Eco-tourism. Each show will run for 15 weeks, with new shows premiering, July 25th and November 7th.

According to Regional Director of the Americas Ili Matatolu the site is one of only a few destination website focused on and dedicatd to using video "TV Programming" to distribute, brand, benefit and vacation value messaging.

The new website will be marketed to an opt-in e-mail database of 60,000, and via social media on Facebook and Twitter, Cable TV, including CNN Headline News and The Weather Channel, rich media banner ads on select travel, lifestyle and news websites and on more than 20 popular video sites like You Tube and those that offer a Travel section.