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 November 21, 2005
Public Relations Plus Program - PRPP

 The Public Relations Plus Program (PRPP) offered by all Business To Business Travel Websites (Asia Pacific News; Central & South America News; Europe, Middle East & Africa News; and, North America News) is a simple, inexpensive but effective way to get the best response from editorial news, information and announcements placed on our websites - by individual companies, public relations, marketing & sales professionals wishing to reach our highly targeted global audience of business travellers; business travel managers; business travel administrators; business travel secretaries; meetings, incentives, conventions & exhibitions planners; business travel trade professionals; business travel suppliers; and, related public relations and media professionals.

Our Public Relations Plus Program provides a guarantee that all of your news releases, announcements and appointment notices will be published on one, two, three or all four of our websites - the only criteria is that the items are newsworthy and relevant to each website.

All news items are archived and available in date order within the editorial category that they are posted on each website. Each website has a search function. Each website allows any news item to be forwarded to clients, colleagues, media etc via email.

There is no limit to the number of news items that you can submit. However, all will be subject to editorial approval.

Our four websites currently attract 8.8 million visitors per year (as of October 2008).

In addition to our four websites we also publish Odyssey magazine a minimum of 36 times per year - the first three Mondays in every month. Odyssey has 18,000 subscribers. Editorial content for Odyssey is taken from the news items that are posted on our four websites each week.

To enroll in our Public Relations Plus Program (PRPP) for one year the cost is $2,495 USD.

For more information - send an e-mail request to:

Colin J. Holden
Group Publisher/Managing Editor
Business To Business Travel Websites
Global Head Office, Vancouver, Canada
Tel: (604) 543-7375; Fax: (604) 543-7376