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 March 04, 2015
Travelport Announces New Multi-Year Full Content Agreement With LATAM Airlines Group

 Travelport has announced a new, multi-year full content agreement with LATAM Airlines Group. LATAM Airlines Group S.A. is the new name given to LAN Airlines S.A. as a result of its association with TAM S.A., two of Latin America's leading airlines with service within Latin America and to cities around the world. The new agreement will become effective March 1, 2015.

Under terms of the agreement, Travelport will distribute LAN and TAM Full Content fares and availability information to Travelport-connected users globally.

In addition, LAN and TAM have agreed to participate in Travelport Rich Content and Branding. Travelport Rich Content and Branding, a key component of the Travelport Merchandising Platform, allows airlines to market and retail their products more effectively by controlling how their product is visually presented and described to travel agents. It is designed to enable partner airlines and other travel content suppliers to use more sophisticated retailing techniques in order to drive sales of core products as well as ancillaries.

"Airline merchandising is changing rapidly to address the unique needs of business and leisure customers. We think that Travelport Rich Content and Branding will provide LATAM with a retailing solution that will allow us to showcase LAN and TAM's products and services in a visual and innovative way," said Daniela Baytelman, VP Distribution & Ancillary Revenue of LATAM.

"Travelport is building long-term partnerships with LATAM Airlines Group and the world's airlines based on innovative merchandising solutions that deliver unrivalled content and value to travel customers," said Chris Engle, Travelport's vice president, Air Commerce Americas. "Travelport Rich Content and Branding gives LATAM Airlines Group opportunities to present their branded content their way, through new retail channels never before available to airlines."

LATAM Airlines Group S.A.

LATAM Airlines Group S.A. is the new name given to LAN Airlines S.A. as a result of its association with TAM S.A. LATAM Airlines Group S.A. now includes LAN Airlines and its affiliates in Peru, Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, and LAN Cargo and its affiliates, as well as TAM S.A. and its subsidiaries TAM Linhas Aereas S.A., including its business units TAM Transportes Aereos del Mercosur S.A., (TAM Airlines (Paraguay)) and Multiplus S.A. This association creates one of the largest airline groups in the world in terms of network connections, providing passenger transport services to about 135 destinations in 24 countries and cargo services to about 145 destinations in 27 countries, with a fleet of 323 aircraft. In total, LATAM Airlines Group S.A. has approximately 53,000 employees and its shares are traded in Santiago, as well as on the New York Stock Exchange, in the form of ADRs, and Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, in the form of BDRs.