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 September 27, 2013
Tourism Investment Project In Prime Heritage Real Estate In The Historic Center Of Quito, Ecuador

 Quito, the capital of Ecuador, is implementing several projects with high economic impact developed by the Municipality of the city, such as the new airport Mariscal Sucre, Quito's Metro, the New Convention Center, Industrial Parks as well as the Historical Center Revitalization Program. This last one aims to preserve, maintain and enhance the historic center of the capital, one of the largest and best preserved in Latin America. This program's goal is to enhance the image of Quito which estimates a 5% annual growth in tourism. It focuses on strategic drivers including actions in the social, cultural, educational, economic, tourism, security and public space fields.

Quito Tourism is now managing the project of tourism investments in five heritage houses, located in Quito downtown, the most visited site in Quito (35% of tourists visit it). In our goal of promoting this project, we are looking to find high level investors who can see Quito not only for having a great profit potential, but also as the city which was the First World Cultural Heritage Site, and which received the World Travel Awards as one of the best destinations in South America.

Currently, Quito Visitors Bureau invites public and private companies to the process of seeking expressions of interest in order to locate investors who wish to invest and implement its tourism business in five heritage houses.

Most of the five Heritage Houses were built during the XVI century and they have an invaluable historical, cultural, and architectural wealth, as described below:

Casa Pérez Pallares

It is located in Plaza Grande -- Main Square, one of the most important and most visited sites of the city. From its windows one can get a full view of the Independence Square. Until 1975, Hotel Imperial was run in this house. For this reason this property is ideal for building a first-class hotel as it has always been conceived to welcome tourists.

Hogar Javier

This is a four story house, built in 1955 and designed by the famous architect Karl Kohn, with a breathtaking view of Quito downtown, San Francisco Square, and the Panecillo. It has the ideal space for building a first class hotel.

Casa Cadisán

It has a historical wealth. This property was built in the XVI century and belonged to the Spanish conquer Diego Sandoval. Its exquisite construction makes it invaluable. It is ideal to be used as a restaurant and/or exclusive events lounge.

Casa Mejía

It was built in the XVI century and belonged to the Spanish conquerors Antonio Ribera and Juan de Dios Morales. This is a three story property with two central courtyards. It has all the conditions for the development of a first class hostel, located 100 meters from the Independence Square.

Casa García Moreno

It is located in Santo Domingo Square, one of the three most important squares in Quito. It was built in 1874 by Gabriel García Moreno, ex President of Ecuador. This property is very close to the famous street La Ronda. It has two floors and one central courtyard. It is recommended to build a first class hostel in this building.

Quito Tourism, in its efforts to ensure the preservation and maintenance of the five heritage houses, invites the general public to join this public-private initiative to participate in the samples of initial expression of interest of this project, thus helping to meet the tourism demand of the city.