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November 11, 2015
Travll Named Winning Travel App At #DestinationHack Brazil, Sabre's First Developer Competition In Latin America

Sabre Corporation has announced the winners of its first travel hackathon held in the Latin America region, based on their creative use of API technology and open developer platform powered by Sabre Dev Studio. DestinationHack Brazil was fe...
October 27, 2015
Sabre Brings Travel Technology Hackathon, #DestinationHack, To Brazil

Sabre Corporation has announced the launch of its global developer competition, #DestinationHack powered by Sabre Dev Studio, in Brazil during the weekend of Nov. 6 - 8. Destination Hack Brazil is held as part of São Paulo Tech Week, Lat...
January 28, 2013
National Geographic Maps Now Available On Avenza's PDF Maps App

National Geographic Maps, one of the most trusted names in cartography for nearly 100 years, has joined with Avenza Systems Inc. to offer a new channel to access its rich map content. The alliance enhances Avenza's digital map database by a...
November 12, 2009
Hospitality Automation Consultants And Pertlink Partnernship

Two leading Hospitality Technology Consulting firms have created a global partnership that will provide unparalleled services to the hospitality industry. HACL (Hospitality Automation Consultants Ltd., USA) and Pertlink (Pertlink Ltd., H...
October 31, 2007
NOKIA - Nokia Search in Latin America

Nokia Search, the application for searching and finding almost anything, almost anywhere, is all new and improved. Over the past two years, Nokia Search has steadily swelled, increasing its users by 22 percent every month, with the number o...
March 30, 2005
Nokia Expands Mobile Phone Production In Latin America

Nokia plans to extend its mobile phone production in Reynosa, Mexico. This expansion will provide more capacity and flexibility in meeting Latin and North American customer needs. The extended production facilities will be located near Noki...
July 03, 2002

We are conducting a review of the 13,000 plus news items posted on the Business To Business Travel Websites Group websites, including: Asia Pacific News; Europe, Middle East & Africa News; Central & South America News; and, North America Ne...
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