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 July 07, 2010
PromPeru & Destination Ventures Educate Travel Agents

 The Peru Tourism and Export Promotion Board (PromPeru) has re-launched the Peru Travel Agent Specialist Program website with the aid of Destination Ventures. The site serves as the online portal for Peru's specialist certification program as well as a resource for travel agents selling Peru.

One major highlight of the improved site includes more engaging and interactive testing materials offered to agents seeking a Peru Specialist Certification. Additional strategic improvements include a fresh "Peru: Live the Legend" Study Guide, an innovative e-learning campus, complete with increased interactivity and a stronger interface.

The July 1 re-launch is timely as the majority of travelers from North America visit Peru between May and November to experience the country's vast archaeological sites, legendary wildlife and adventure travel offerings.

Peru's top "must-explore" attractions include surfing off Peru's northern coast, sailing on Lake Titicaca, and hiking in the Amazon basin; Lima, Bon Appetit's Culinary Destination of the Year; emerging tourist regions in Northern and Southern Peru including Keulap, Trujillo, Arequipa and Colca Canyon; and a wealth of life-changing community tourism experiences.