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 November 12, 2015
ITP Appoints New TMC Partner In Ecuador

 ITP - International Travel Partnership, one of the world's fastest-growing travel management consortiums, has announced the appointment of Travelnet S.A. as ITP's travel partner in Ecuador. Travelnet is a leading independent agent with an experienced team and a strong focus on Corporate Travel Management.

Ian Epps, Director of Partnership Relations at ITP, said "Ecuador is a fast developing corporate market in Latin America and Travelnet offers services based on value, quality and efficiency. We are very pleased to be able to include Travelnet in our development strategy for Latin America".

Isabel Cabrera, General Manager of Travelnet, said, "The Tourism sector is one of the main drivers of the Ecuadorian economy with growth prospects in the medium and long term. As tourism entrepreneurs it is our duty to understand the needs and challenges of today's market; which is increasingly demanding with customers always looking for a better balance between price and the product received. Focusing on quality allows us to maintain an important differentiator to meet the challenges of the future.

"Becoming an ITP travel partner allows us to stay at the forefront of the Industry, supported by a strong international company with a global vision and clear understanding of multinational travel management. We are very pleased to be part of the ITP Network, and we are sure that what lies ahead will be a very rewarding experience."

ITP - International Travel Partnership

ITP is one of the world's fastest growing networked alliances of independent travel management companies with a strong portfolio of multinational corporate clients. It is a consortium in which most travel management companies are locally owned and managed and each is a market leader. Each ITP partner is able to combine the care and attentive service required on a local basis with a full travel management service for multinational clients.



Travelnet SA, is a company with over ten years' experience in the Ecuadorian market, providing a personalised service, for corporate travellers. Developments in the Travel Industry, have led us to always seek the best alternatives for our clients when planning a trip for business or pleasure and Travelnet offers a wide range of services, offering our clients a personalised service for both individual and group corporate travel.

Travelnet is committed to quality, and we believe that to be our main asset: We support our clients in a pleasant environment with trained professionals offering a full travel management service in a spirit of true partnership. During the planning stage we always ensure that creative alternatives are offered, working in partnership with selected professional suppliers from all areas of the Travel Industry."