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 June 23, 2014
ICCA Goes Hybrid With Workshop Outsourcing For Associations

 On Friday, 4 July, ICCA will hold a two-hour hybrid workshop about what associations REALLY think about the risks and rewards of outsourcing and what the marketing implications are for suppliers. The workshop will be broadcasted live from the ICCA Research, Sales and Marketing Programme (RSMP), taking place in the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Meetings industry suppliers, associations and any other professionals interested are invited to join the live stream, the live chat and the Twitter chat to ask questions to the speakers and to share ideas and experiences with fellow online delegates from all over the world.

Outsourcing is a hot topic with both suppliers and clients, as well as within the PCO community. During the hybrid session, ICCA member suppliers and associations will discuss issues such as: Which services make most sense to outsource? Who should control delegate revenue? Who should carry risks? Who should destination marketers most try to influence -- the associations or their outsourced partners? How can local suppliers best promote their services when associations are using outsourced partners? How does Congress decision-making change when outsourced partners are involved?

The session is especially designed for meetings industry suppliers, associations and any other professionals interested in the outsourcing process, and is sponsored by the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau.

Two international association representatives will kick-off the discussion by putting forward arguments for and against outsourcing: Carola van der Hoeff of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and Karen McCain, International Orthoptic Association (IOA).

ICCA CEO Martin Sirk, who will be moderating the session, said: "Last year we ran our first Hybrid Session at the RSMP on bidding for international association meetings, for a live audience of 160 ICCA members and we ended up with an online audience of more than 600 people from 75 countries. That really blew us away and we had fantastic feedback. So we decided we would introduce a Hybrid Session in every year's RSMP programme and pick a really hot topic that would be relevant to the international association sector and to our members around the world."

"The session will explore the different models that associations use to professionalise their meeting management process, and the practical and ethical issues that need to be considered, as well as some very important implications for how destinations and suppliers market themselves and their services" -- Martin Sirk.