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 January 11, 2006
National Car Rental Offers Winter Tire Guarantee Across German Fleet

 New German road traffic regulations come into force at the end of 2005, with motorists who fail to adapt their tires for winter extremes such as snow and ice likely to be fined up to €40. National Car Rental, one of Europe's leading car rental providers, has fitted winter tires to its German fleet for a number of years. And whilst this regulation is not compulsory for rental companies, National's initiative means that, whether travelling for business or leisure, drivers can be confident that they will not only be safe, but comply with the latest regulations.

Ron Santiago, Vice President International Sales and Marketing for National comments, "At National, we have always advised road users to check that the appropriate tires for the season are fitted when hiring vehicles. Although it is not compulsory for rental cars in Germany to be fitted with winter tires and deep treads, National is putting customer safety first. And with fines of up to €40 for not meeting the new regulations, National customers gain additional peace of mind when renting one of our vehicles."

Drivers who don't change their tires are significantly compromising their safety on winter roads, especially in harsh conditions such as snow. Winter tires have a cold-resistant tread compound and deeper tread patterns, guaranteeing good grip, even at low temperatures.

Santiago concludes, "As a leading rental provider with a global network, National is committed to offering a premium service at a local and international level. At National, we constantly assess the products and services that we provide in each of our operations to ensure we always offer our customers the best car rental package possible."