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 August 09, 2006
National Car Rental Comments On Proposals For Road Tolls Across The UK

 This week brings worrying news that Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander is seeking powers to create a nationwide road toll system. A leaked letter to The Times suggests that the Government is one step closer to passing a bill to charge motorists to use roads, in a bid to tackle congestion. National Car Rental, the UK's leading vehicle rental organisation believes the impact on UK businesses is being totally overlooked.

John Leigh, Senior Vice President of National Car Rental says: "Business vehicles make up a large percentage of all the traffic on Britain's roads. These vehicles are almost guaranteed to cover more miles than privately owned vehicles, which leaves them bearing the brunt of the costs. The Government is basically placing the burden of road pricing squarely on the shoulders of British business, but at what cost?

"The rental industry plays an important role in helping businesses cut congestion by promoting pool car fleets and providing well maintained, efficient vehicles. Surely this is a better way of tackling congestion, rather than taxing business users and consumers up to the hilt.

"Congestion has to be tackled, but the government would do well to look at European models before going down this road. A tax on fuel usage would discourage people from making unnecessary journeys and encourage them to invest in more efficient vehicles. In addition, people need to know that any kind of vehicle or road tax is put back into the transport and road network. Mr Alexander should think about all the consequences before he pushes this bill through, otherwise it looks like the motorist and British business is set to lose out again."