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Car/Limo Rentals

 August 11, 2006
National Car Rental Intoduces Global E-voucher Programme

 National is leading the international car rental market with the introduction of the first ever global E-voucher programme for this sector. National's new E-vouchers are available for business and leisure customers across the company's entire network, supporting reservations at any of National's locations worldwide. The innovative service, launched on 31st July 2006, demonstrates once again National's commitment to leading the car rental industry, making life easier for travellers worldwide enhancing the customer service experience.

E-vouchers are already widely used in the travel sector, most notably for flights. National believes their application in the daily rental sector will make a huge difference for business and leisure travellers. Customers will no longer need to present a voucher at the time of rental - all the necessary information will be held on National's reservation system which can be accessed at the rental counter. Travellers will, therefore, no longer have to worry about losing a paper voucher. And reduced counter service time will mean a faster, more efficient service -- making car rental a seamless part of the journey.

This important new initiative will also improve service delivery and billing accuracy for corporate customers and travel agents. Quicker invoicing will be achieved for international rentals and there will be much less risk of any invoicing discrepancies.

Ron Santiago, Vice President, Sales & Marketing EMEA, National Car Rental comments: "The launch of E-vouchers for National customers marks a new level of service for business and leisure travellers alike. By streamlining processes we aim to create a faster service, minimising the time travellers spend waiting at the rental counter. With nothing to forget or lose, customers can arrive at a National location safe in the knowledge that they will receive their car swiftly and they can continue their journey without delay. No paper also means that accuracy at all levels of the service, from booking through to billing, is assured".