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 September 18, 2006
National Car Rental Offers GPS Worldwide

 Renting a car then struggling with maps and getting lost is a thing of the past with the wide availability of GPS services from National Car Rental. Benefiting all travellers, whether they are hiring a car for business or leisure, GPS units are now available for hire from many National locations across the globe.

The GPS units make route planning stress-free. In countries where portable units are available, they can be fitted into any size of vehicle. Customers simply need to rent the unit at point of collection*.

GPS equipment is now widely available across Europe including all major UK airport locations as well as from selected locations in South Africa. The portable units are very simple to use. The driver can either contact the GPS help desk using the one-touch button on the device and they will download the requested route, or they can use the keypad to input the destination address. The voice guidance has clear and timely instructions and if the driver misses an instruction, they can simply press the one touch button and the device will repeat the last voice command and re-route if desired. If the driver leaves the route, the system will provide a voice prompt.

Neil Summerville, Vice President Franchising says, "Travellers don't always have time to check their route before embarking on a journey. It can also be daunting for travellers to find their way in a foreign country at the same time as adapting to new surroundings. National is proud to offer extensive GPS services from selected locations across the world now, helping our customers to arrive at their destination safely and securely."

* Subject to availability