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 October 20, 2006
National Car Rental Launches International Online Self Booking Tool

 Achieving effective cost control and ensuring that travel policy rules are adhered to, are probably two of the biggest challenges facing multi-national companies when it comes to managing their business travellers, especially where employees are operating across a number of different countries and regions. Addressing this challenge, leading international vehicle rental specialist, National Car Rental, has developed a global corporate self-booking tool for vehicle rental: Drive National, which provides valuable efficiency advantages for businesses, as well as giving them important control over employee travel.

According to recent industry research, online booking in the travel sector has doubled in usage in the last year*. The corporate web-based reservation system, GetThere has claimed that 35% of its UK customers are now mandating the use of corporate self-booking tools and this is expected to rise to 50% by 2007 and in the US the figure is already at 65%. However the use of online booking tools has only recently extended into the car rental sector and National is one of the first to exploit the technology for vehicle reservations.

Drive National has been designed specifically to address the needs of the international business traveller, enabling them to book, amend, replicate and cancel reservations throughout the National global network.

Key features:

- Open to individual company user bookers
- Provides 24/7 access to International, cross border reservations
- Available in English, French and German
- Provides email confirmation to booker
- Supports all forms of payment
- Used in conjunction with Emerald Club membership, National's frequent rental programme

Drive National will also play a vital role in business travel management, providing the following key benefits to travel managers and bookers:

- Supports a company's corporate travel policy
- Displays recent online reservation history
- Enables company specific messages on the homepage for efficient employee communication regarding travel related issues

Corporate self-booking tools are seen as instrumental in achieving improved business traveller productivity, whilst managing costs. The introduction of Drive National is, therefore, an important development for multi-national corporates and demonstrates National's on-going commitment to this sector.

"Drive National provides corporate customers and their travellers with a self booking tool that operates across any number of countries", confirmed David McNeill, Head of EMEA International Corporate Accounts at National Car Rental. "And key to its effectiveness is the facility it provides for businesses to control their vehicle rental activity across all their international operations, as well as giving the business traveller the ability to book the vehicles they need, at any time of the day or night, anywhere in the world."

*Report from Travel Management Company, Carlson Wagonlit Travel