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 February 07, 2007
Vanguard Rental UK Teams Up With RoSPA To Provide Driver Training

 In a clear demonstration of its commitment to the safety of its employees, Vanguard Rental (UK) Ltd, parent company of National, Alamo and Guy Salmon Prestige Rental, has teamed up with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) to implement a new training and assessment programme for managers in the business.

RoSPA representatives have trained selected National, Alamo and Guy Salmon Managers, predominantly ex and current driving instructors, to become Driving Advisors, equipped with the knowledge to identify poor driving skills and the training methods needed to address them. This knowledge is being transferred to branch managers and selected employees for each location in the UK who will undertake a programme of regular assessment of the driving skills and abilities of new and existing employees.

Selected employees at National, Alamo and Guy Salmon branches will now be obliged to undertake a regular assessment of their driving capabilities. Those identified as needing extra training will be given a driving awareness course that will cover all the fundamental aspects of road safety.

Caroline Harris, Human Resources Manager at Vanguard Rental (UK) Ltd, comments: "We are delighted to be working with RoSPA to implement this training and assessment programme. All companies under the Vanguard umbrella take health and safety and duty of care issues very seriously. By working with a recognised and respected organisation such as RoSPA to implement our training and assessment strategy, we hope to build on our culture of best working practise and continue to offer outstanding service to our customers."