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 April 11, 2007
National Car Rental & Guy Salmon Apply UK Wide Smoking Ban To Vehicles

 National Car Rental and Guy Salmon are applying a UK wide smoking ban to all their vehicles. This is being implemented across the company's 45,000 strong fleet ahead of the smoking bans coming into force in Wales, Northern Ireland and England this Spring and Summer.

"We feel very strongly that a smoking ban should be applied to all our vehicles to help our customers who are employers comply with the new legislation", confirmed Ron Santiago, Vice President UK Operations. "By putting No Smoking stickers in all our vehicles we can ensure that they are not at risk from the heavy penalties for non-compliance with the new legislation."

The smoking ban coming into force in Wales, Northern Ireland and England not only applies to public places and work places, but also to vehicles used by more than one person for work purposes, whether paid or voluntary. It will be effective in Wales from April 2nd; Northern Ireland from April 30th and in England from 1st July 2007, as well as Scotland where a ban has been in place since 2006.

The programme to put No Smoking stickers into all National and Guy Salmon rental vehicles, encompassing all rental cars and vans, started in March 2007. By the time the laws are in place, every vehicle on the fleet will have a No Smoking sticker clearly displayed on the dashboard.

"Applying this ban to all our vehicles means we are assisting our business customers in their capacity as employers to ensure their drivers remain compliant" continued Ron Santiago. "We are also fulfilling our obligations as an employer, ensuring we are compliant where a vehicle is being used by our own drivers for delivery and collection journeys."