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 June 08, 2007
National Car Rental Takes Action To Reduce Renters' CO2 Footprint

 The environment remains top of the agenda at National Car Rental. Working closely with a number of global motor manufacturers, the UK's leading rental provider is setting the standard in providing customers with environmentally friendly road transport solutions. And the company's commitment to the environment doesn't stop at its vehicles -- several initiatives go right to the heart of its day to day operations.

"We are investing more, in reducing our environmental impact, than ever," confirmed Tim Bailey, National Car Rental, Vice President Fleet. "Diesel vehicles now make up over 35% of the fleet we run for customers and this figure continues to increase. Plus our strong partnerships with motor manufacturers who lead the way in terms of low CO2 emission vehicles, mean we give our corporate customers access to these vehicles, helping them meet their own environmental objectives."

National's biggest contribution to reducing CO2 emissions is its total commitment to running a fleet of the newest vehicles. "The average age of our car fleet is around three and a half months" confirmed Bailey. "And this allows us to capitalise on the latest advances being made by manufacturers to cut emissions. With this, and our continued focus on the environment, we have reduced the average emissions per km emitted by our customers from 171gms in 2002 to 158gms last year. On the basis that our customers drive more than a billion kilometres per year, this equates to 15 million kilograms less carbon emissions."

National's focus on emissions also looks beyond the fleet itself; tackling congestion and reducing its CO2 footprint through the expansion of its environmentally friendly delivery and collection solution. Motorised scooters are used for return journeys rather than using a second vehicle in the scheme which operates at 23 locations across the UK, helping to reduce congestion in urban areas.

"The environment is an issue that requires action and National is leading the way in offering customers a greener rental solution," concludes Bailey. "We are bringing CO2 emissions down every year through a number of initiatives and constantly review new ways to further reduce our environmental impact."