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 August 27, 2008
Hertz Expands Prestige and Fun Collections To Italy and Spain

 This summer Hertz has expanded its popular Prestige and Fun Collections to both Italy and Spain. In a Hertz exclusive, customers are guaranteed the specific make and model of cars they reserve from each collection, along with the ability to check-in online to save time at the counter.

"Hertz has a commitment to being the first choice brand for vehicle rental and both the Fun and Prestige Collections are tailored to very specific markets," comments Michel Taride, Executive Vice President, Hertz Corporation and President, Hertz Europe Ltd. "Hertz Fun and Prestige vehicles have proven to be very popular and, when offered, have been in high demand. By expanding the Collections to Italy and Spain, we're providing customers seeking luxurious and exciting driving experiences access to the cars they want, when they want them."

The Hertz Fun Collection features vehicles selected specifically for renters seeking exciting driving experiences. Featured cars include the Alfa Romeo Brera in Italy and the BMW Z4 in Spain.

Customers who are interested in high-end cars will want to rent from the Hertz Prestige Collection of luxurious vehicles. All Prestige vehicle rentals include services such as dedicated, on-site staffing to answer questions about the vehicles and assist customers. Customers can choose from many luxury vehicles including the Mercedes S Class in Italy and the Mercedes SLK in Spain.

Both Collections are available at major airport and downtown locations throughout each country.

Hertz has the largest location network for Prestige and Fun Collections - covering Europe, US and Canada. In Europe, the Fun and Prestige Collections are also available in France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the Prestige Collection is available in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.