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 January 28, 2002
Hertz Launches Global Fleet Guide For Travel Agents

 Hertz has launched a comprehensive Global Fleet Guide Manual as a sales tool for travel agents. The guide features examples of vehicles on the Hertz fleet in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA and Canada, with photographs of car models available in each car group. Descriptions of the vehicles have been included, with easy to follow symbols depicting the number of passengers that can be comfortably carried, the amount of luggage stored, number of doors, and whether the vehicle is a hatchback or saloon.

The manual makes it easier for travel agents to see at a glance which group car best fits a customer?s request, and helps customers select the most suitable type of car.

Meanwhile, RAC Motoring Services has won a three-year roadside contract renewal with Hertz UK to provide breakdown, roadside and recovery services to all of Hertz?s 14,000 short term rental cars in the UK.