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Car/Limo Rentals

 February 01, 2002
Alamo's European Early Bird Special For Agents

 American-based travel agents booking European car rentals with Alamo Rent A Car can now earn increased AlamoCASH points and commissions. The very successful 'early bird' program, introduced last year, is back and with greater buying power for agents earning points. The combined incentives are being offered to travel agents for clients traveling to Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Travel agents will get $20 worth of AlamoCASH Points, plus 15% commission when clients prepay for a midsize or higher car category. Non-prepaid leisure rates also benefit travel agents, with $15 worth of AlamoCASH Points and 15% commission. All rentals must be booked by March 31 for rentals completed by June 30, 2002.

The AlamoCASH-IN Club is a travel agent loyalty program that rewards agents for completed rentals that they book with Alamo. The points can be redeemed for gift certificates from a wide variety of stores, places to eat and places to visit. See keyword MISC in your DRS for complete AlamoCASH-IN Club terms, conditions and limitations. For detailed information on this promotion, see keyword INTL. "Alamo offers one of the most competitive travel agent reward programs, which helps increase loyalty to our brand within the travel agency community," said Jerry Mosiello, vice president travel industry sales.