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 April 30, 2009
AVIS Joins British Airways In BAcking Britain

 Avis has announced it is joining British Airways and The Daily Mail as part of the BAcking Britain campaign launched April 29. Avis is planning to support the airline's offer of 5,000 free flights with 1,500 free car rental days for customers joining, or already part of, Avis Business Solutions -- a bespoke rental scheme for small businesses. Additionally, a programme of enhanced rates and benefits will also be offered to members of the scheme. The offer will be available to SMEs to encourage business, trade and travel to stimulate business.

Anthony Ainsworth Director of Sales Avis said: "At the heart of the economy is small and medium business and they are suffering more than anyone during these difficult times. As British Airways exclusive partner and one of the leading car hire companies worldwide we want to help BAck Britain by offering preferential rental services to those who need it most - when they need it most."

Anthony continues: "Travel is an intrinsic element of business today and with almost 4,000 car rental locations worldwide we can help meet business travellers needs better than anyone else. Now when business travellers arrive at their destination courtesy of British Airways, they can make the most of their vital business engagements by using Avis."

The BAcking Britain initiative is designed to support UK SMEs relatively new to exporting or looking to expand into new markets with UKTI's help. Independent research about UKTI's customers found that more than half were experiencing increasing demand from abroad.

Avis is in the process of agreeing terms and conditions of the proposal with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), who is also backing the campaign along with British American Business.