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 May 06, 2002
Hertz Middle East Business Development Drive

 Hertz is launching a new drive to increase benefits for its Middle East franchise operations and customers throughout the region. Hertz recently held it?s annual Middle East Franchise conference in Dubai. The main focus of the conference was to discuss plans for the continued development of Hertz activity in the Middle East, and to enhance regional business through innovative marketing and sales initiatives. ?One of the key Hertz objectives during the next few years is to ensure that the latest strategies take into consideration the needs of our franchisees here in the Middle East, and overall in 150 countries worldwide,? explained Richard Hillman, Middle East Franchise Director. ?In addition to inter-franchise operations, we must never lose sight of our customers and their requirements,? continued Hillman. ?The Middle East is an important region for Hertz as it continues to develop as a business centre and travel destination. The Middle Eastern traveller is diverse and sophisticated, with a wide variety of needs. We must serve those needs by providing a service that encompasses the global scope of our business.?

Hertz Europe was additionally represented at the conference by Hertz Europe Franchise Director Neville Cheetham, and John Andrews, Director, Associations, GSA and Middle East.

Conference delegates represented Hertz Middle East franchise operations in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the UAE, and Yemen, and General Sales Agents in Saudi and Bahrain.

Delegates from each of the countries debated a number of key topics, including moves to further strengthen inbound and outbound sales. Additionally discussed were existing partnerships and new customer loyalty promotions with hotels, tour operators and airlines with the aim to provide customers with a more comprehensive, user-friendly transportation product.

The conference was also addressed by Roland Keogh of Thermeon Europe, Ltd., the car rental and software software specialist who devised Cars +, a single integrated on line platform for Hertz locations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Hertz has consistently witnessed substantial growth throughout the Middle East, with the number of Hertz car rental branches in the region more than doubling in the last two years to the present total of 63. More new branches are in the pipeline, and franchisees across the region are regularly expanding their car rental fleets, with the addition of brand new vehicles, and a wider variety of cars, as well as enhancing customer benefits.