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 July 30, 2002
Avis Teams Up With Q

 Avis Europe has been named a preferred car rental partner for Q, the new online leisure club for the world?s rich and famous. Membership of Q ? short for Quintessentially ? is reserved for corporate decision-makers, political power-brokers, celebrities and the super-rich. The club provides them with a quick and easy way to make the most of their leisure time, facilitating restaurant and nightclub bookings, travel arrangements, gym and spa memberships, and admission to top concerts, shows and sporting events.

Although Q currently has more than 500 suppliers on its books, Avis is the only car rental provider to have been signed up. ?Avis has long prided itself on its worldwide reputation for the ultimate in service standards,? says Louise Sheppard, Global Partnership Manager. ?Our personalised approach to business, our attention to detail, and our vast and comprehensive fleet ? which enables us to provide anything from a nippy little city-centre runabout to a top-of-the-range chauffeur-driven limousine ? makes us the ideal partner for Q?s discerning membership.?

At present, most of Q?s members are primarily based in the UK, but the international membership is growing rapidly ? another key factor in the Avis appointment.

?Top people require top quality, wherever they are in the world,? says Louise Sheppard. ?Our global operation means that we can satisfy their needs any time, any where.?