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 September 03, 2002
Avis: Business Travellers Get The ?Go Green? Message

 British business travellers are more environmentally responsible than the general public, according to the results of a MORI study into travel and the environment commissioned by Avis and Future Forests.

Eighty per cent believe they can personally help to reduce global warming (compared to 71 per cent of the general public). Among business and leisure travellers, around eight in ten would be willing to pay premiums on car rentals, flights and hotels if it meant the carbon dioxide emissions would be offset. Around eight in ten (77%) say they would be likely to pay to offset the carbon emissions of air travel (£7 for a short-haul flight); 79% for car rental (£1 for a one-week hire); and 86% for a hotel room (£1 for a one-night stay).

The research findings were released just ahead of the Johannesburg Earth Summit and found that 78 per cent of the British public had not heard of, or knew nothing about, the Summit. Business travellers were more informed, with 28 per cent knowing about the Summit.

Mark McCafferty, chief executive of Avis Europe, said: ?Travel is the world?s largest industry and it is therefore critical that we manage the environmental impact of what we do. In all the recent discussions about future growth of travel, particularly in the air, we?ve heard a lot about the pollution caused by travellers.

These figures prove what we?ve already seen: if you offer travellers an easy, low-cost way to offset the environmental impact, then they are very willing to act on it. We have been offering customers Carbon Neutral(r) car rentals since April and the success of this programme bears testament to this.?

Jonathon Shopley, chief executive of Future Forests, added: ?Business travellers do get a hard time from the environmental lobby. But it?s encouraging to see they do give more consideration to sustainable travel. More travel suppliers should follow the lead taken by Avis.?