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 June 04, 2012
Hertz Expands "Speed, Ease and Personal Service" Rental Programs

 The Hertz Corporation has announced an aggressive expansion of new technology-driven, customer service enhancements to more Hertz locations worldwide. The services, highlighted in the "Traveling at the Speed of Hertz" campaign, provide speed and ease helping Hertz Gold members save time via mobile and on-site service options and getting customers quickly behind the wheel of their preferred rental vehicle.

"Hertz is responding to the exponential growth of mobile technology to streamline consumers' lives, including business and leisure travel," commented Hertz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Mark P. Frissora. "Customers love our Mobile Gold 'Carfirmations' because the service provides consumers confidence that their rental vehicle is ready to go. Hertz's suite of technological innovations is a key element of our commitment to make the car rental experience the fastest and easiest in the industry."

Hertz Gold Choice gives Gold customers the power to select their own car and go, and is now available at 48 U.S. locations and 7 European locations, with plans to add 10 additional locations within the next year. Hertz ExpressRent Kiosks, which let customers rent a car without a reservation through a live, face-to-face video kiosk, are live in 153 airport and off-airport locations across the U.S. Hertz has processed more than 100,000 rentals with its ExpressRent Kiosks and has set a new record handling of approximately 6,000 transactions per week via the kiosks.

"Traveling at the Speed of Hertz" enhancements that Hertz continues to expand include:

• Mobile Gold Alerts ("Carfirmations") Hertz's mobile email/text service that confirms a Gold customer's reservation and advises of their specific vehicle information and car location. Last month, Hertz polled 181 U.S. Gold customers to determine if they had used the service and to gauge satisfaction. Of those polled, approximately half had used it, and 9 out of 10 rated themselves extremely or very satisfied with the service. To date, more than 70% of customers choosing to receive Mobile Gold Alerts choose to have the alerts sent via email.

• Hertz Gold Choice ("Choose Control") gives a Gold customer the power to select their own car and go. They can keep the pre-assigned car or simply choose another and head straight to the exit gate, something no other car rental company offers. The service is now available at 48 U.S. locations and 7 European locations.

• Hertz's Gold Enrollment and e-Return ("Zap Technology") is the fastest way to get customers in their cars and when they return, back on their way home, allowing them to simply drop off their car and go. With Hertz e-Return, Hertz emails the customer's receipt in a flash (typically within 30 minutes of returning a car). More than 500,000 Hertz customers have opted in to receive e-Returns.

• Hertz's ExpressRent Interactive Kiosks ("Acceler-Rental") let customers rent a car without a reservation and without a line. 153 Kiosks live at both airport and Hertz Local Edition locations, and Hertz has set a new record of almost 6,000 transactions per week being handled through the Kiosks.

In addition to the success of the programs above, Hertz was recently voted the Best Overall Car Rental Company in Zagat's 2012/13 U.S. Car Rental Survey. In addition to best overall, Hertz earned top honors in 14 additional categories, more than any other car rental company surveyed. The Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program also garnered top honors for Best Rewards Program and Best Overall Benefits in the Americas, Europe/Africa, and Middle East/Asia/Oceania in the first annual FlyerTalk Awards.