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 November 21, 2003
Hertz Awarded Large Car Rental Contract In South Africa

 Alisa Car Rental, the South African franchisee for Hertz, has been appointed as preferred car rental supplier by Eskom, the state run Electricity and Energy supplier for South Africa, for a three-year period.

"The fact that what has to be the largest car rental contract in South Africa has been awarded to Alisa is certainly an endorsement of our ability to consistently deliver high standards of service and, more importantly, meet Eskom's stringent requirements across various criteria." said Noel Nel, MD of Hertz South Africa.

Alisa was successful in gaining the Eskom business in 2002 for a 12-month agreement and, in that time, structured its business to accommodate the massive volume generated by Eskom.

"Building a critical mass customer base was our first objective, which is why Eskom's business is so important to us. Our focus is to now concentrate on profitable market growth. We believe Alisa's commitment to quality and service is the reason we have been awarded what we believe to be the largest car rental contract ever in S. Africa. Hertz is the world's largest car rental company, added to which Alisa is South Africa's only truly majority black owned car rental business. We are therefore confident that we will achieve our shareholder objective of profitable growth in the future," said Noel Nel.