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 February 13, 2004
More Time Saving Innovations From Hertz Europe

 Hertz has announced the introduction and development of three time-saving innovations, currently being rolled out across its European network, to speed-up the car rental returns process.

With Hertz, ease, speed and efficiency are not only restricted to rental car pick-ups. Since 1993, at certain Hertz locations, at the end of the rental period the customer has been able to drop off their car in the quickest possible time with the Hertz Instant Return service, which provides an itemised printed receipt beside the car in less than sixty seconds!

Hertz Instant Return is an automated, hand held device with remote links to Hertz' business and IT systems. Instant Return helps clarify issues regarding damage and fuel levels, for example, as the rental representative now makes these checks in the physical presence of the customer. Finally Instant Return will provide the customer a statement of charges or, dependent on the method of payment, their invoice.

Instant Return has now been extended to all key airports and downtown locations, a total of 39 branches, in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.

Another development is Hertz' commitment to provide an invoice at the end of every rental, so that the majority of customers now leave the Hertz location with an invoice. This service is available from all corporately owned Hertz' locations in Europe, with the exception of Italy. This is good news particularly for the business traveller, as it avoids delay in expense claims. Alternative options remain that the customer can have the invoice sent through to their home address, or they can download a copy from