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 May 14, 2004
National Gets In Gear As Countries Join EU

 As 10 new countries joined the European Union on 1st May, National Car Rental is urging travellers renting in the new EU member countries to use car rental providers with established operations in these locations.

Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia joined the European Union on 1st May 2004. And in preparation, National has upgraded its systems, created multi-cultural and multi-lingual marketing strategies and reviewed its fleet in each country to give business and leisure travellers a service consistent with the rest of the EU. Negotiations are also underway to secure operations in Lithuania. This will mean that travellers can book car hire from National in every EU country.

"The overall expectation is that both business and leisure travel will increase in the new EU countries, with the largest rise in travellers expected in the Baltic States an area that has not traditionally been linked to Europe". Says Ron Santiago, Vice President, National Sales and Marketing - EMEA. "Multi-nationals moving into these territories are looking for travel suppliers they can trust for their staff, and car rental will be an important consideration. Indeed, these businesses will be keen to dispel any pre-conceptions their staff may have about these countries. And that's where established operations and the experience offered by a rental companies really counts.

"National's commitment to Eastern Europe and the Baltic States means we have operations in the majority of the new EU member countries, enabling us to concentrate on customer satisfaction as volumes increase in each location. Indeed, we are ready to meet the needs and expectations of seasoned travellers looking for the same level of service they enjoy in Central Europe or the USA."