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 April 21, 2015
XML Travelgate Sees Growth Potential In Middle East

 XML Travelgate, a travel technology business based in Spain, is exhibiting at Arabian Travel Market in Dubai for the first time to kickstart its move into the Middle East and Asia.

The business is an XML integration specialist. It aggregates inventory from suppliers' APIs into a hub and then gives access to the hub to online agents and tour operators.

CEO Pedro Brücher explained that the priority for the business was to talk to retailers rather than the suppliers. "We have 500 connections in production - we have links to the big three GDSs [Sabre, Travelport, Amadeus], direct connections with low-cost carriers, relationships with hotel wholesalers. We have a great supply - what we need to work on now is finding clients who need access to that supply.

It is looking to sign deals with online travel agents and tour operators with a turnover in excess of €50 million, and believes that businesses based in the Middle East and Asia Pacific bringing visitors to Europe - and Spain in particular - would be an ideal fit.

"Arabian Travel Market will give us a great start in trying to understand the market," he said. "The Middle East is emerging as an outbound market, and we know that new markets need suppliers. The world wants to come to Europe and we have the supply."

He also noted that "it is easier to talk to people in emerging markets because the business relationships are still being worked out. In Europe and North America, where the market is mature, things have been in place for years so it is sometimes difficult for a business like ours to be given the chance to pitch our offer."

Spain in particular, where the bulk of XML Travelgate's business resides, is "limited" in the amount of growth it can offer the business, beyond its existing clients.

"We have done well in Spain but we want to grow the business. Emerging markets such as the Middle East could be our future, and we identified Arabian Travel Market as the ideal event to help us on our way."

Visit XMLTravelgate at ATM on stand TT7472


XML Travelgate

XML Travelgate is a technology company focused in the development and maintenance of XML integrations for the travel industry.

XML Travelgate started its activity in early 2012. The company was born with the goal of being a technology partner for travel agencies, tour operators, receptives, wholesalers or any other company or tourism products.