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 October 20, 2015
Trust International and DerbySoft Integrate CRS and Metasearch Manager

 Trust International introduces Trust|Campaign - a powerful new way for hotels to manage campaigns and bidding in the growing number of metasearch engines as part of yourVoyager, Trust's centralized reservation system (CRS). Trust|Campaign, the Metasearch Manager Solution deployed in partnership with DerbySoft, is a single tool enabling hotels to rapidly connect to multiple metasearch partners and reduce the time and resources spent on managing metasearch.

Utilizing Trust|Campaign, the hotels can efficiently optimize the marketing opportunities that each metasearch connection offers. The solution quickly connects yourVoyager data and content with various metasearch engines and allows the hotels to manage, analyze and optimize their marketing budget.

Current metasearch channels available via Trust|Campaign are Google's Hotel Price Ads Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Program, Tripadvisor's Managed CPC and Instant Booking Programs, Kayak, Wego, and Skyscanner, with more metasearch engines to be connected soon.

Integrating Trust|Campaign enables hotels to:

- Easily connect to multiple metasearch engines
- Set budgets, manage, and control campaigns with a high degree of granularity
- Set and reach objectives such as position or return on ad spend
- Maintain a high level of rate accuracy on the metasearch channels improving the customer experience
- Drive business to the hotels’ own websites.

"We are very pleased to cooperate with Trust to help their customers more effectively participate in metasearch," remarked Quentin Moores, DerbySoft's VP for Metasearch. "Between the complexities of dynamic bidding management and the complications of the various assisted booking methods being rolled out by metasearches around the globe, hotels need tools to help them compete. With Trust and DerbySoft working together, we can leverage our joint expertise for the benefit of the hotels, bringing them new market share and additional revenue."

"As a hotelier, it is difficult and time-consuming to manage the bidding in various systems, so this is why we, in the spirit of partnership with our hotels, decided to offer a bidding and control manager for metasearches in our Trust yourVoyager system," noted Richard Wiegmann, CEO of Trust International.

"Together with DerbySoft we've developed the Trust|Campaign integrated system solution so our hoteliers are empowered to promote their own brands in their website and better position themselves in the various metasearches, which helps them to control their booking-related expenses. This initiative underlines Trust's philosophy of offering various connectivity solutions for the benefit of our customers rather than limiting them to one connection or provider."

"The distribution world is getting more complex every day, and often it is hard for a hotel group to follow the latest developments when they need to have their daily operations focus on the guests,"” stated Wiegmann. "This is why Trust is developing services and features to help the hoteliers make daily operations easier and less cost-intensive."

Visit Trust's newly redesigned website for more details on TrustCampaign and the full suite of Trust solutions.


Founded in 2002, DerbySoft is a Shanghai and Dallas-based technology company serving the global hospitality and distribution industries. The mission of the company is to facilitate a global distribution network for the hospitality industry utilizing direct connections between suppliers and their demand counterparts based on any compliant, standards-based XML specifications. The company's infrastructure is globally distributed and its partners include all of the world's largest hotel companies, online travel agencies, and metasearch engines.


Trust International Hotel Reservation Services GmbH

Trust International is one of the world's leading CRS providers and international hospitality partners. Trust's services and supporting technologies help hotel chains and hospitality groups support their sales and marketing activities with the latest distribution solutions. The range of services includes CRS solutions and CRO software, connectivity to all GDS and OTA channels, Internet booking engines and third party integration to PMS, RMS and CMS systems. Trust International offers the full range of CRS-related products such as content management, business intelligence, and payment services.

Via Trust's own communication centers located in North America, Europe and The Far East customers in 47 countries are served with private label telephone reservation, concierge and telemarketing services.

Established in 1989 Trust International is renowned for its highly reliable reservation platform, continuous investment in systems and delivery of superior customer value.